Why Sirius

Why Are Sirius Sails Different

Due to the small size of model yacht sails, the design and broad seaming techniques used by full sized yacht sailmakers were previously impossible to duplicate. Sail blocks and sail boards were developed to enable small model yacht panels to be seamed together in such a way that produced a cambered shape. This very practical technique overcame the shaping limitations of single flat paneled sails, which could only be shaped by cutting curved edges (primarily on the luff) on the model yacht's sail. While sail blocks or boards can produce a cambered seam, the shape of the seam, and therefore the shape of the sail produced, is a circular arc. This shape is less than optimal for high performance racing sails. No full sized yacht racing sails are designed, seamed, or shaped in this manner.

A sailboat is in the water near some boats.
A sail boat floating on the water in calm waters.

Sirius Sails, with Distributed Camber™

Sirius Sails, with Distributed Camber™, are the next generation in sailmaking for model yachts. They are the only model sails made that can duplicate the design, the broad seaming techniques, and airfoil shapes used on full sized racing sails. This is accomplished by designing the sails, using custom 3D sail CAD software, and then using proprietary tools to broad seam the panels to produce the design shape. This exactly replicates full sized sailmaker techniques. Precise control of maximum camber, its location, luff entry, leech exit angles, and twist are possible using the proprietary software and seaming tools developed by Sirius Sails.

Since the designed shape is built in, Sirius Sails are much easier to trim and have a much wider appropriate trim range. They respond to wind loading, trimming, and shaping techniques identically to full sized yacht sails. Sail trimming, learned on full sized boats, is directly transferable to Sirius Sails.

A sail boat floating on the water in calm waters.

Further, Sirius Sails, with Distributed Camber™, are designed to accommodate the influence and interaction of the main and jib. Like full sized sails, Sirius Sails employ strategic camber distribution to achieve elliptical loading and to help maximize the efficiency of the slot effect and improve the performance of both sails. Other differences can be seen on the water. Powerful shapes, flat leeches, high pointing, less heel and impressive boat acceleration are obvious in all conditions.