Sail Materials and Construction

Sail Cloth currently available:

TriSpi 25, 40, 50, 1.4 mil Mylar, 2.0 Mylar, 3.0 Mylar, PX75, CPM 505, iCarex, Xio4, AZZ03 Aramid

A close up of a wire mesh with red lines
A group of sailboats in the water.

Construction details:

All sails are made and guaranteed to conform with class rules. All sails have taped and sewn seams. Sail panels are warp oriented, in the load direction, and are alternated, front to back, to maintain vertical partitioning. The foot of each sail is stabilized with an additional material layer to help prevent curling. Included are draft stripes, telltales, luff pockets on both sails, battens, plus an installed jib luff wire. Standard sails have starburst reinforced grommeted corners made of black, red, white, blue, green, yellow, hot pink, or fluorescent orange dacron ripstop. Full roach sails (US1M, S/B, Soling 50 etc.) have layered dacron patch corner reinforcements. Nylon reinforced tie points are included on the mainsail luff as appropriate.

Optional extras are: Class logo, sail numbers, and mast groove slugs installed on the mainsail luff.Powerful shapes, flat leeches, high pointing, less heel and impressive boat acceleration are obvious in all conditions.

Sail Cloth details:

Extensive testing by Sirius Sails have shown that the type of sail cloth has almost no impact on performance, given that the load limits of the material are not exceeded. Generally, heavier sail cloth is more stable in all load directions than lighter sail cloth, is less flexible, but will provide the longest racing life. Lighter cloth weights are more flexible and respond to light air more readily, making them easier to read, but do not provide the longevity of heavier cloth. Most standard Sirius Sails suits pair a heavier weight material main with a lighter material jib to optimize responsiveness and longevity.

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Details and uses for each type of cloth are:

1.0 oz Mylar with scrim in the warp as well as the X-Ply. It is very similar to the old PX75 except it has Gray Dyneema scrim.  Very flexible, yet strong when warp load oriented. Suitable for all yacht sails, light to heavy air depending on sail size, and jibs on all models.

1.0 oz Cuben Fiber is an extremely strong and flexible material.  It is very similar to the old cuben fiber material except its made with dyneema fibers.  Very flexible, yet strong when warp load oriented. Suitable for all yacht sails, light to heavy air depending on sail size, and jibs on all models.


.6 oz Mylar with scrim in the warp and fill directions. Very flexible, yet strong when warp load oriented. Suitable for small yacht sails, light air sails, and jibs on larger models.

The TS25 Sail Cloth

.9 oz Mylar with scrim in the warp and fill directions. Medium/high flexibility with great strength when warp load oriented. Suitable for all purpose use.

1.2 oz Mylar with scrim in the warp and fill directions. Strongest, but least flexible of the TriSpi materials. Suitable for larger sails and high wind sails.

AZZ03 is a Contender Mylar Laminate 1 mil Mylar film, 2.4 sm oz material with box and x ply aramid fibers. Approximately the same weight as the Xio4 but with Aramid fibers instead of polyester which reduces stretch. Would work very well for a B rig or larger high aspect A rigs

1.5 oz Mylar with a heavy scrim on the bias. Extremely high omni-directional strength with medium/low flexibility. Suitable for larger sails and high wind sails.

.75 oz Mylar film with an omni-directional fiber backing that provides excellent omni-directional strength and medium flexibility. This material is quite expensive and the fiber side is hydroscopic, but it's directional stability makes an excellent sail. Best suited for mainsails on all model yacht sizes.

.4 oz (drafting Mylar) translucent film that has omni-direction strength and medium/low flexibility. Can be easily wrinkled, so extreme handling care is necessary. Suitable for smaller model yacht sails only.

iCarex has set the standard in performance and durability. It is also state of the art in ripstop polyester fabric for sport kite applications. Icarex has achieved legendary status in every sport kite competition and is used by all major sport kite manufacturers worldwide. Strength and stability are at a premium for these high performance sport kites. Icarex – an exceptional lightweight fabric with high level air tightness and dimensional stability for all those applications where light weight airtightness and high dimensional stability are important.


Seam Tape details:

Sirius Sails are assembled using a custom seam tape with twice the adhesion properties of typical seam tapes. The adhesive is also white pigmented for superior UV resistance.

iCarex Colors

A color chart of different colors for the same fabric.

Insignia Colors

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