Soling 1M

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All sails are made and guaranteed to conform with class rules. The recommended suit for the Soling is a MK70P or MK100P for the jib with a MK200P main. We also offer the iCarex material which is suitable for light air conditions. All Soling Sails are Dacron woven material which are single panel cut warp oriented in the load direction. Included are class logo, sail numbers, telltales, luff pockets on both sails, carbon fiber battens, plus an installed jib luff wire.

For those who are choosing to go with a slotted aluminum mast, luff slides will need to be added to the main luff.  If you want to use a bolt rope i would suggest using a 3/32″ carbon fiber rod slide into the main luff.  Anything larger than that will not fit into a stock slotted mast with any of the materials.

​The cost for a suit of Soling 1M sails made from 75P/200P or 100P/200P sailcloth is $119.

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